How to play Dislyte on PC

Step 1 : Get Blue Stack (an emulator to play Android games on PC)

First thing first, to play Dislyte on PC, we need to download an Android emulator.

Here we’re using Bluestack. You can use an other emulator of your choice. But be carefull, you need to emulate at least a version of Android 9 (also kwown as Pie) in order to run Dislyte.

Step 2 : Setup a Pie instance

By default, Bluestack is running a Nougat version of Android. So first, you have to create a Pie instance. To do that, just follow these simple steps :


Click on the Multi-instance manager icon (ou press Ctrl+Shift+8)


Click on + Instance button (bottom left)


Select Fresh Instance


And then, select Pie 64-bit. Congrats, you have your Pie instance on your Bluestack! You can now run it.

Step 3 : Download Dislyte APK

In order to play the game before Dislyte global release, you’ll have to download APK of the game. (After global release of Dislyte, you will be able to download the game in the Play Store of the emulator).

To do that, one easy way is to go on APK Pure and seach for Dislyte


Step 4 : Install Dislyte APK

Once the downlad completed, just drag and drop the file on your bluestack windows. It will install the game.

Then, just click on the Dislyte icon and here we go :


On the first launch, the game will update to the latest version, and you’ll be able to start your adventure !

Important: if latter, you want to play on your mobile phone, don’t forget to link your party to a facebook or google account (in the game settings)!