Dislyte FAQ

Li Ling is the more versatile esper you can get with the "rookie benefits" (guaranted legendary heroe in first 10 pulls).

Others are not bad, but Li Ling can carry you accross PVE content, PVP content and some bosses. You can check our Tier-list if you want more details.

And don't forget you can reroll if you don't have the desirated heroe. For more info, check our beginner's guide

In patch 2.13 (April 12th), Lilith will add a code functionnality. Here, you will find the up to date list of codes for Dislyte !

One great thing in Dislyte is that some 3 stars espers are very good. Ye Suhua, Tang Yun, Freddy, Jeanne, Drew, Melanie are viable options to start with (and even end-game viable for some)

Check our tier list for full list ! (tip: you can sort list bar espers rarity)

We have a full guide to play Dislyte on PC. Check it here

In its current form, Dislyte is very F2P friendly.

For stamina recharge, you can only pay 10 recharges per day, so, a whale will not be able to level up all heroes in one day.

For heroes concern, you have 1 legendary esper guaranted each 120 draws. A little low, but... A lot of rare and epic espers are very very good. And, with patch 2.12, Lilith added a new feature (esper fusion) to obtain espers. Only Gabrielle and Fabrice are concerned, but maybe Lilith will add more espers latter.