Patch 2.13 is coming soon and Lilith published today a preview of the next content :

Dislyte - 2.1.3_Patch_Preview_final

In summary, we have here :

  • 4 new espers : 2 legendary ones (Sienna and Tevor) and 2 epic ones (Death Guard Hei and Bai)
  • Some espers adjustments. Perhaps some ups for uderused espers like Kara. Maybe some nerfs too (Tiye ?)
  • 1 drop rate up events on Sienna (we guess it will be the same that the previous one with Clara)
  • 1 event with task completion (like Boom boom Gacha ?) Will see if thr rewards will worth it
  • 1 DJ content. We don’t know yet if it will just an event or will part of core game
  •  Part 2 of Recon Plan (so basically, more rewards incoming)
  • Auto battle AI improvements
  • Level 100 reward change : if you want Thor, you’ll have to complete Tower asap ! If not, will be Lucas!