Dislyte - Guide - Tier List

Dislyte Tier list - Update April 2022

Here you will find our Tier List for Dislyte. Of course, we‘ll update this list with each release.

We made our best to make this list user friendly (with some filters to help you to sort espers), with rankings in PVE (Story mode and Cube), PVP (Point War) and Bosses (Kronos, Apep and Fafnir).

Finally, keep in mind this list is based on our personal experience of the game. You may desagree with some notes. Hoever, it might help you to prioritize which espers you should level up, prior to its usability.

Rankings signification

Tier S+

Overpowered / can be game changer

Tier S

Very good

Tier A

Good esper overall

Tier B

Average, / underused

Tier C

Below average / rarely used

Tier D

Never worth using

Tier List

Avatar of Unas - DislyteUnasSupportLegendaryShimmer4.79S+S+SBA
Avatar of Clara - DislyteClaraSupportLegendaryFlow4.38SS+BAB
Avatar of Catherine - DislyteCatherineSupportEpicShimmer4.33BS+CBS
Avatar of Lin Xiao - DislyteLin XiaoDPSEpicShimmer4.24S+SS+S+D
Avatar of Narmer - DislyteNarmerDPSLegendaryInferno4.21SS+AAD
Avatar of Fabrice - DislyteFabriceSupportEpicWind4.17ASCSA
Avatar of Tiye - DislyteTiyeDisablerLegendaryFlow4.18S+S+SBD
Avatar of Lucas - DislyteLucasDisablerLegendaryInferno4.13SS+ACB
Avatar of Ye Suhua - DislyteYe SuhuaSupportRareShimmer4.10SSSSC
Avatar of Li Ling - DislyteLi LingDPSLegendaryInferno4.09SSSBB
Avatar of Donar - DislyteDonarTankLegendaryFlow4.07SS+ABB
Avatar of Long Mian - DislyteLong MianDisablerEpicWind3.91S+S+BCC
Avatar of Raven - DislyteRavenDPSLegendaryShimmer3.89S+S+CCB
Avatar of Chloe - DislyteChloeDPSEpicInferno3.84SSAAB
Avatar of Jin Yuyao - DislyteJin YuyaoSupportLegendaryInferno3.77AS+CBC
Avatar of Asenath - DislyteAsenathSupportEpicShimmer3.68ASABC
Avatar of Lewis - DislyteLewisDPSLegendaryInferno3.64SAS+SD
Avatar of Ren Si - DislyteRen SiTankEpicInferno3.62ASBBD
Avatar of Hyde - DislyteHydeDPSLegendaryWind3.61BADAA
Avatar of Jeanne - DislyteJeanneDisablerRareFlow3.62ASADA
Avatar of Triki - DislyteTrikiDisablerLegendaryWind3.59ASDDA
Avatar of Biondina - DislyteBiondinaDPSLegendaryFlow3.48ASBDB
Avatar of Tang YunTang YunDPSRareWind3.42AACBS+
Avatar of Sander - DislyteSanderDisablerEpicInferno3.42AAS+AC
Avatar of Heng Yue - DislyteHeng YueSupportEpicFlow3.41BACAB
Avatar of Lynn - DislyteLynnDPSEpicWind3.38ABCAS
Avatar of Mona - DislyteMonaDPSEpicFlow3.38SAACC
Avatar of Melanie - DislyteMelanieDisablerRareShimmer3.27AASBD
Avatar of Freddy - DislyteFreddyDPSRareInferno3.21AASAD
Avatar of Drew - DislyteDrewDPSRareInferno3.20AAAAD
Avatar of Lauren - DislyteLaurenSupportRareShimmer3.09AACCA
Avatar of Celine - DislyteCelineDisablerEpicFlow3.09SAACC
Avatar of Tang Xuan - DislyteTang XuanDPSLegendaryWind3.04AACBD
Avatar of Unky Chai - DislyteUnky ChaiSupportRareInferno3.03ABAAC
Avatar of Lu Yi - DislyteLu YiDPSEpicWind3.00ABCCS
Avatar of EiraEiraSupportEpicFlow2.95SASBD
Avatar of Pritzker - DislytePritzkerDisablerEpicInferno2.94AACCD
Avatar of Chang Pu - DislyteChang PuSupportRareFlow2.88ABBAB
Avatar of Berenice - DislyteBereniceSupportRareWind2.83BBCBS+
Avatar of Q - DislyteQSupportRareShimmer2.70ABAAD
Avatar of Bonnie - DislyteBonnieSupportEpicShimmer2.60BACCC
Avatar of Djoser - DislyteDjoserTankEpicInferno2.60BBBAD
Avatar of Taylor - DislyteTaylorDPSEpicShimmer2.48BACCD
Avatar of Dhalia - DislyteDhaliaSupportEpicFlow2.38BABDD
Avatar of Zelmer - DislyteZelmerDPSRareWind2.35CCCAA
Avatar of Kaylee - DislyteKayleeDisablerEpicFlow2.32BBBDD
Avatar of Cecilia - DislyteCeciliaSupportLegendaryShimmer2.30BBCBD
Avatar of Bai Liuli - DislyteBai LiuliDPSRareShimmer2.09CBCBC
Avatar of Jiang Man - DislyteJiang ManDPSEpicFlow2.04ABCDD
Avatar of Anesidora - DislyteAnesidoraSupportEpicShimmer2.03AADDD
Avatar of Luo Yan - DislyteLuo YanSupportEpicWind2.01BADDD
Avatar of Alexa - DislyteAlexaSupportEpicInferno1.98BBDDD
Avatar of Jacob - DislyteJacobDisablerEpicWind1.98CCDS+D
Avatar of Li Ao - DislyteLi AoTankRareInferno1.92CADDD
Avatar of Chalmers - DislyteChalmersDPSRareShimmer1.91DDSSD
Avatar of Arcana - DislyteArcanaDPSEpicWind1.85CBDDD
Avatar of BrynnBrynnSupportRareWind1.81BCCCD
Avatar of Falken - DislyteFalkenTankEpicInferno1.77DBDCD
Avatar of Leon - DislyteLeonDPSRareFlow1.74BCACD
Avatar of Bardon - DislyteBardonTankRareInferno1.71CBDDD
Avatar of Helena - DislyteHelenaSupportRareFlow1.70BCBCD
Avatar of Hall - DislyteHallDPSRareWind1.48DDDCA
Avatar of Kara - DislyteKaraDPSEpicFlow1.13DCDCD
Avatar of Layla - DislyteLaylaDPSRareShimmer1.08DDDCD
Avatar of David - DislyteDavidDPSRareWind0.96DCDDD
Dislyte - Avatar of TevorTevorDPSLegendaryShimmer3.5SSBBC
Dislyte - Avatar of SiennaSiennaSupportLegendaryWind3.8SS+CBC
Dislyte - Avatar of Xie-ChuyiXie ChuyiDPSEpicFlow3AABCB
Dislyte - Avatar of Xie-YuzhiXie YuzhiSupportEpicWind2.7ABBCB

Also, keep in mind that in Dislyte, you have faction bonus/malus system. Shimmer are the only ones not affected by this system.

For example, in a stage full of Inferno enemies, you should prioritize Flow espers. 

Finally, you may find, that an esper rated S/S+ in this list, very weak. It doesn’t mean we’re wrong with this rating, but maybe, that this specific esper need investments in relics and skill points to really start to shine. For example, Hyde can be very good especially in PVP, but need a lot of investments.

Skill points investments speaking, it will be much easier to level up a rare or epic esper. Materials to level up skills of legendary espers will be much harder to acquire! One drowback to know before investing in one esper.