Early Game Guide

Did you know that Dislyte have a reroll functionnality ? We will see in this guide how to use this for a “perfect start”.

1/ The reroll functionnality

All you have to do for rerolling, is to go in your profile > “Settings” > “Services” and tap “Initialize Account”

reroll - dislyte

2/ How to take advantage of this

For your first Gold Record summon, you’ll obtain Mona :

Mona - dislyte

Mona is an amazing starter character and will be your main farmer in order to level up your fodder (see our guide on how to level up character).


With differents rewards, your team after chapter 1 in campain should be :

First Team - dislyte

Not amazing but decent enough to clear until end of chapter 4.

At this stage, you must be able to do a 10 Gold record pull (you can buy missing Gold record with your gems) and obtain your first legendary esper among Li Ling, Tang Xian or Lewis. Indeed, you have a guaranted legendary esper for the first 10 pull.

3 leg beginners - dislyte

Lewis is best option for bosses (Kronos, Apep). Li Ling is best all-arounder. Tang Xuan should be avoid.


You will also receive some valuable rares espers (and maybe some epics ones if you’re lucky enough. If you’re happy with your draw, then, continue with this account. Or, if you think you can have better, just reroll you account as shown at the beginning of this guide.

Below, an example of very decent starting comp, you can aim :

Second Team - dislyte

Ultimately, you can easily get Ye Suhua for free, a strong support that can replace Q or Freddy when 3 supports are needed.