How to get Ye Suhua and Dhalia for free !

In Dislyte, there is a simple way to get some espers for free. By the way, for 2 of them, it’s the only way to get them !

So wanna obtain Ye Suhua (one of the best rare esper ingame !!) for free ?

Then just follow these little steps !

Step 1 : the waiting game...

In the world chat, wait for Ripple Dimension Announcement.

Here an example for Freddy (so wait for the desired one like Ye Suhua) : 


Just tap on it, and a pop-up will open :


Be carefull. As you can see, there are only 20 places for each ripple dimmension. Yoou have to be quick enough to be in the first 20 players to tap !

Step 2 : fight !

If you tap on “GO”, then, you will have to challenge a team (5 times in a row for rare esper / 8 times in a row for epic esper)

Or, if you select “Not Now”, you’ll have 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

In this case, just go, in Trials


Then Ripple Dimension, and Tap “Challenge”

dislyte-ripple dimension

You’ll gain 1 shard per challenge. 

For rare espers, you need 30 shards and for epic ones, you need 40 shards.

Finally, to summon the esper, just go in “Gacha” section and tap on “Record Stand”


With this method (and a bit of patience), you can acquire espers like Ye Suhua, Dhalia, Freddy, Hall, Chang Pu, Unky Chai and Li Ao).

To discover the potential of each esper, our Tier List is available here !

Hope this guide will help you !