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Welcome to Dislyte Guide, an unoficial site based on Lilith Game: Dislyte.

You will find here some usefull guides (at least, we hope so!) and a Tier List for all espers.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Dislyte - Guide - Tier List

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Dislyte 2.13 Patch Notes

Dislyte 2.13 patch notes A brand new DISLYTE update is coming on April 12, 2022 7:00-9:00 ! Here are the full patch notes for it. New Espers 1. Sienna -

Dislyte – How to get Gabrielle for free (kind of)

How to get Gabrielle for free With patch 2.12, a new feature had been added to the game : Esper Fusion A nice addition to the game, very free to play,

Relics Drop Rate up event

Relics Drop rate up event Save up your stamina to farm yours relics ! Event Duration: 8 avril 2022 02:00 (<dans 2 jours) - 11 avril 2022 02:00 (dans 5

Patch 2.13 Preview

Patch 2.13 is coming soon and Lilith published today a preview of the next content : In summary, we have here : 4 new espers : 2 legendary ones (Sienna

Dislyte Relics guide

Dislyte Relics Guide In dislyte, relics are key items to upgrade yours espers. With this guide, you'll be able to identify what relics are worth upgrading and where to farm

Dislyte – how to get Ye Suhua and and Dhalia for free

How to get Ye Suhua and Dhalia for free ! In Dislyte, there is a simple way to get some espers for free. By the way, for 2 of them,